Email hosting gives users the ability to send and receive emails linked to a domain name by utilizing a mail server that is already installed on the server. Web hosting, on the other hand, is a solution that can serve multiple purposes. Dollar2host provides shared hosting and managed virtual private server (VPS) plans that include the capability to publish websites. These plans include support for HTTPS, as well as programming languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, Python, and Perl, as well as a database that is compatible with MySQL. A free SSL certificate is also provided for each and every domain name that you purchase.

The web hosting plans offered by Dollar2host come with email services that are included for all of the registered domain names as part of the overall package. In the event that you require a dedicated solution for domains, we also provide Business Email hosting options that encompass the capabilities of online messaging and come with a fully managed mail server.

Every Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS), Shared, Dedicated, and Reseller package offered by Dollar2host comes with email hosting included. Additionally, we provide Business Email plans that are tailored to meet the needs of small enterprises, startups, and corporations. These plans allow for the management of a single domain or many domains on a single mail server.

1. What exactly is meant by the term “email hosting”?

Companies that require a dedicated email server solution that supports custom domains, addresses, and inboxes can purchase email hosting as a distinct package from web hosting services. This is done for the purpose of meeting their information needs. To facilitate the sending and receiving of messages, this form of hosting is compatible with the POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols. You are able to connect using SSL encryption for the purpose of protecting your data with each standard.

Email hosting is the solution to consider if your company requires individualized assistance for domain names and branding, as well as distinct email aliases for each of your employees or service departments. Through the use of SPanel, you have the ability to create unique addresses for each domain name that you add to your web hosting account. Through the administrative part of Dollar2host, it is simple to manage the activity that occurs in the email inbox.

If you currently have a website or application hosted on another server, as well as a domain name that is registered, you might want to think about purchasing a Dollar2host Business Email hosting plan. In addition to providing your users with access to webmail, this will enable you to add support for an infinite number of email addresses that are encrypted using TLS during communications. Through the use of DNS settings for mail, your website can be operated on any hardware.

You will need to coordinate with the registrar to modify the MX records so that they refer to Dollar2host servers in order to make use of email hosting with a domain that is hosted on another server. In the event that you are utilizing a full-fledged website hosting package, modifying the DNS settings will result in the MX records for the mail server being immediately updated.

Emails can be sent and received.

When it comes to publishing HTML or running database-driven websites, email hosting just provides the fundamental capabilities of a mail server. It does not provide the additional storage, functionality, or extensions that are necessary for these tasks. This includes a corresponding account with SPanel for email and the selection of individualized storage settings.

Dollar2host Business Email is one of the few web hosting plans that utilize LiteSpeed and OpenLiteSpeed servers, which allows for faster message processing and delivery times. The majority of web hosting plans operate on Apache, IIS, or NGINX web servers. It is possible to specify the settings for SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 email on several devices. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Gmail, and Eudora are the most widely used email applications.

After the modifications to your DNS settings or MX records have been propagated, you will be able to utilize SPanel to add new email addresses, modify account storage limits, and manage inbox settings.  

Routing of DNS

In the event that you have a domain that is just used for email reasons, you have the ability to point the DNS records to Dollar2host in order to include it in your account. When you add the domain to SPanel, the MX records will be generated automatically for you. At the domain registrar level, the DNS settings must be modified to reflect the changes.

It is possible to personalize the DNS server settings for each individual web hosting account. After checking in to the website, you can locate them by either clicking on the Manage button that is located next to your hosting account plan or by reading the welcome email that was sent to you. It is the user who is responsible for these values. 

Records of MX

When you are using an email plan, you should make use of the information provided in your welcome email in order to set up custom MX Records for the hosting server. It is common practice to refer to this as

The previous MX record should be deleted at the domain registrar, and a new one should be created for your domain using the information that is still available:

  • The Name section is where you should enter the domain name, which is
  • Maintain the value that is currently set in the TTL text box.
  • MX should be chosen as the DNS Type.
  • In the text box labeled “Priority,” type in a value for either 10 or 20.
  • Fill in the Value text box with the address of your mail server, which should be
  • Make use of the Mail Route option in SPanel if you need to host an email server for your web hosting domains on Gmail or another service such as Outlook.

email addresses

If you want to create new email accounts, you will need to click on the symbol that looks like an email account in SPanel after your DNS and MX records have propagated. There must be a drop-down box that displays all of the domains that have been added, along with the option to generate a one-of-a-kind email address and password. Additionally, you have the ability to establish storage quotas. 

Inboxes for electronic mail

A transfer of an inbox from an IMAP server to Dollar2host is also possible through the Email Accounts section of SPanel. Additionally, it is possible to create additional email inboxes for the purpose of receiving emails.

Keeping of Emails,

Each level of your Dollar2host Business Email hosting account is responsible for determining the storage quotas for your emails individually. Included in every subscription is advanced spam protection, which includes blacklisting through the use of SpamAssassin. 


When you add a domain to your account, SPanel will instantly generate a free SSL certificate for that domain. It is necessary to configure the following ports in order to use TLS encryption across all settings:

  • the SMTP port number 465
  • the POP3 port number 995
  • IMAP uses port 993 as its port.
  • Within the section devoted to Email Accounts, there is a menu that is specific to each email address and contains information regarding the port connection. To access the specifics, head to the Action menu and select the Connect Devices option.

 Dollar2host s Data Security utilizes SShield, which is a powerful cybersecurity solution that uses machine learning to protect against hacking assaults, in addition to protecting against spam, viruses, and harmful behavior. To protect customers on a large scale, the service is provided at no cost and operates at the network level. 

2. What is meant by the term “website.”

Website hosting is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all of the characteristics that are required to host an Internet business or project without any additional components. Domain management, file management, email solutions, an e-commerce platform, security software, and a great deal more are all included in this category. As a goal, web hosting providers strive to provide their customers with a comprehensive range of services that include a wide range of connected areas.

These are the primary categories of services that you might come across:

Shared Hosting:

Through the use of shared hosting, you are able to construct a single website or numerous websites on a web server without incurring the expenses of private hardware. Every client makes use of the same pool of system resources (RAM, CPU, etc.) and routes traffic using IP addresses that are shared by all of the clients. Shared hosting is a popular choice among publishers, small businesses, and individual users since it enables them to save money on website solutions. A LAMP environment is utilized by the majority of shared hosting options.

Managed Virtual Private Servers:

In a Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) platform, hosting and email can be merged. Through the use of a control panel and mail server that are already installed, each and every email account is created. Custom hardware configurations for RAM, CPUs, and storage are included in the managed virtual private server (VPS) plans. Additionally, you are able to obtain a free domain name, content delivery network (CDN), and SSL certificates. Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions are incredibly quick, simple to scale, and provide complete control over the server environment for customization purposes. Include support from a professional hosting company. Excellent for small and medium-sized enterprises that are expanding.

VPS Plans That Are Self-Managed

Utilizing the management panel of your choosing on a Self-Managed Virtual Private Server platform makes it simple to host a domain name together with email. Scalable hardware resource configuration, a selection of operating systems, and integrated backup services are all features that are accessible through these solutions. You will not receive any hosting assistance with the plans.

Servers with Multiple Clusters

When it comes to dedicated server plans in the cloud, multi-cluster servers excel above all others. There is a single data center option and several data center options included in each setup. By utilizing failover protocols, you may host your websites with high availability and improved data security simultaneously. The implementation of load balancing across many data centers by multi-cluster servers allows for improved performance speeds and ensures compliance with data privacy rules on a global scale where applicable.

WordPress hosting

A managed WordPress hosting platform offers installations, updates, and security hardening for the content management system (CMS) with only one click. The majority of shared web hosting plans are compatible with Softaculous, which allows you to install WordPress while also managing an unlimited number of emails and domains. Hosting WordPress requires nothing more than a Linux server that is capable of supporting PHP and MySQL protocols. Professional WordPress support is included in the server’s plans.

Reseller Hosting:

To meet the needs of their customers, professional web design businesses, freelance programmers, and freelancers frequently turn to reseller hosting as a method of providing support. The administration of WHMCS is included in this type of service, which also covers numerous distinct cPanel accounts. You are able to select the quantity of storage space that will be allotted to each individual customer, as well as the alternatives that will be accessible to them. Private nameservers and white-label services are essential advantages to have if you are determined to pursue a career as a reseller.  

3. What are the principal distinctions between hosting a website and sending emails?

One of the most significant distinctions between web hosting and email hosting is whether or not an email server or a web server is already available. This means that you only have access to the settings that pertain to your online communication when you use email hosting. When we talk about web hosting, we are referring to a comprehensive service that encompasses a significantly wider range of features than just email. These features include domain administration, tools for developing websites, file storage, and everything else that you would require for a comprehensive experience.

The Support of Domain Names

With a web server and an email server, a web hosting plan will allow you to host a single domain name or numerous domain names simultaneously. In order to function independently from a web hosting package, an email host needs to have its own set of unique MX records. You still need to make use of the DNS settings to direct your domain to a mail server.

Personalization of the Web Server

It is necessary for every website to have a web server in order for it to function properly. The most common and effective web servers are often Apache, NGINX, Internet Information Services, and Litespeed. The ability to install scripts and databases is made available to developers by shared hosting platforms that come equipped with a control panel.

Instruments of Management

When it comes to managing your email workflow, an email host offers a mail server that enables encrypted data transfers. This mail server can contain desktop, webmail, or third-party applications for email administration. You are able to check your mail from any location and device as long as you have an internet connection when you have access to your webmail with Horde and Roundcube.

Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Microsoft Outlook are three of the most popular alternatives for desktop email applications. Altering your MX records is another option to facilitate a seamless sync with your Gmail account.

Solutions for Storing

In a web hosting plan, the storage space for your emails is virtually identical to the storage space for your account; if you so like, you can use the full space for sending and receiving emails. However, in order to avoid inbox overflow from consuming an excessive amount of space, it is imperative that you ensure that quotas are established for each mailbox under the settings.

4. When should the hosting for the website and the email also be the same?

Those who are interested in establishing a brand or a business in which online communication is a component of their operations should seriously consider the possibility of integrating their email service with their web hosting. You are able to construct and expand your website while simultaneously establishing email accounts with a number of different domain names.

5. When should the servers that host the website and the email be different?

A few of the internet initiatives are quite dependable when it comes to emails, and hundreds of messages are sent and received on a daily basis. Businesses that are involved in e-commerce and large corporations frequently fall into this group. In order to ensure that different departments are responsible for managing the operations of the business, it is important to keep web hosting and email separate.

In this manner, business departments are able to concentrate on obtaining support from customers through encrypted communication while simultaneously ensuring that this does not disrupt the website’s ability to function normally.


Support for HTTP(S) requests, the utilization of custom DNS records for the mail server, and the capacity to execute scripts or databases are some of the technical distinctions that distinguish web hosting from email hosting with regard to their technical aspects. The management of mail for domains is something that many businesses desire to avoid doing with their website code.

Your company should make cybersecurity a top priority by utilizing a dedicated web host to meet the requirements of business email at an organizational level. This will ensure that your company is in compliance with compliance standards.

Email servers that are completely integrated and pre-installed are included in every plan offered by Dollar2host. These servers offer support for many users and inboxes. If you have any further inquiries or need assistance selecting the most suitable plan for your needs, you can get in touch with the Dollar2host Team.